White Rabbit. The Best Restaurant in Russia

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Mukhin’s interest in cooking started at the age of 12, at the stove of a restaurant where his father was the chef.He studied economics and the technology of catering in Russia, and began as an assistant in restaurants such as Belgrad and Nostalgie. In partnership with the famous chef Alexander Filin he opened Buloshnaya, a restaurant where Mukhin ended up in charge of the kitchen, becoming the youngest member of the National Chefs’ Guild.Vladimir Mukhin is a chef who grew up in the midst of a communist regime; when the USSR disappeared he found himself surrounded by all manner of new stimuli that helped to shape his culinary style.

During the communist era, creativity had taken a back seat and many recipes had been lost. Mukhin strove to restore the traditional flavours of his country and personifies the evolution of Russian cuisine, something that has enabled him to carve out his own niche in the world’s culinary landscape.Mukhin travels, reads, cooks with grandmothers living in various parts of his country, with the cooks of monasteries, acquiring as he goes the knowledge that has been handed down over centuries from generation to generation. He offers old flavours with a more modern and European approach: as he himself says, “my dishes seem to be from the future, but their taste is from the past”.

Mukhin also received training at La Barone, El Celler de Can Roca, Khajimí and Can Gobany. He has opened numerous other restaurants, including Zhitanaya, 10 and Windsor, but it was with White Rabbit that he succeeded in entering the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, winning the accolade of the best restaurant in Russia.