Maido. The Best Restaurant in Peru and LATAM

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Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura was born in Lima, although his family is of Japanese origin.

His passion for cooking comes from a very young age. He first learned to cook from the cooker that worked at his house: Maura. She was able to prepare food in just one day for the family for a whole week. When Tsumura finished school, he decided to travel to the United States to study gastronomy. After that, he returned to Peru and then went to Osaka. There he continued his training, learning about the Japanese cuisine.

When he came back from Japan, he began to work at the Sheraton Hotel as a cooker. Later, he ended up being the chef and successful manager of one of the largest hotels in Peru.

In 2009, Micha founded his restaurant Maido, which in Japanese means “welcome”. Micha chose this name for his restaurant as a symbol for each client to feel like home.

In this restaurant, Tsumura unified both his origins: Japan, his “blood”, and Peru, where his heart belongs. This culinary style is called nikkei, and has its origin in 1889, when 800 Japanese came to Peru with the aim of working in agricultural fields.

Tsumura tries to explore the diversity, variety and crossbreeding in its dishes, offering traditional flavours using ancient recipes. In this way, Micha has become a gastronomic reference of Peruvian food and its restaurant, the best in Latin America (2019).