These General Conditions (hereinafter, “the General Conditions”) govern the access and use of the website accessible through the www.worldchefstour.com domain and its subdomains (hereinafter, “the Website”), as well as the services that may be contracted through the Website (including restaurant services associated with the contracting of seats and tables for the Tours or Events), of our service of telephone sale or any others that may be enabled (such as e-mail) (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the “Sales Channel”).

Simple access to the Website or to the telephone sales service is attributed to those who have the user condition (hereinafter, “the User”) and implies acceptance of all of the terms included in these General Conditions. In the case of discrepancy with these General Conditions, the User should refrain from using the Website or from engaging in any purchase transaction of seats or tables through the Sales Channels.

With the acceptance of these General Conditions, the User declares:
a. That he/she has read, understands and agrees to that which is presented here.
b. b. That he/she is of legal age and has sufficient capacity to accept the content of these General Conditions, as well as for the eventual contracting of the services offered through the web service.
c. c. That he/she assumes all of the obligations declared in this document.

The relationship between WCHT and the Users are governed at all times by these General Conditions in the version published by WCHT, the Privacy and Cookies Policies, as well as by the specific terms and conditions that may be published in the website, agreed upon or communicated to the Users and applicable to each User, for example, for the contracting of the services (collectively, all of these may be referred to as the “Contractual Relationship”).

The documents making up the Contractual Relationship may be drafted in Spanish or other languages when said option is available. In the case of discrepancies between the Spanish and other distinct language versions, the Spanish version shall prevail.

1. General information on the service provider

In accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, general information on the website is offered below:
Owner: WORLD CHEFS TOUR S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “WCHT”).
Headquarters and factory: C/ Paseo de la Castellana, 259 D, planta 43 Torre Espacio, 28046 Madrid (Spain).
Fiscal ID number (N.I.F.): B88287073
Contact: hello@wcht.es
Register data: Commercial Registry of Madrid, volume: 38625, book: 0, sheet: 166, section: 8, page: M 686902, entry: 1, pre year.: 2019

2. Objective of the Services

Via the Sales Channels, the User may contract participation in specific gastronomic events and in series of gastronomic events with WCHT, in distinct cities across the world, having an estimated duration of between 5 and 11 months (the “Tours”) and, specifically, to contract a number of seats and tables for the corresponding Tours (the “Services”).

The contracting of a Tour gives the User the right to attend one lunch or dinner per month during the months in which the Tour takes place (the “Monthly Event” or “Event”). For clarification purposes: (i) the User should attend the event individually if contracting only one seat or may attend with as many guests as the number of seats or places in the table that he/she contracted; (ii) each table has a minimum of four diners, therefore in the case of the purchase of four diners, in which case, the purchase of at least four seats is necessary, the acquired seats shall be assigned to a table that will be shared with other Users; and (iii) the purchase of one seat or table shall, in all cases, be for the entire Tour, without the purchase of seats or tables being possible for one specific Event.

All Monthly Events shall take place in the same town or in a nearby area, although the specific location may vary.

The restaurant service of each Monthly Event shall be designed and carried out by an internationally known chef and his/her team.

As for each Monthly Event, WCHT reserves the right to change the chef that has been announced for the same, always by another chef of a similar prestige and cachet, to be communicated to the Users with as much advance notice as possible. Similarly, if, due to causes of force majeure or other unexpected circumstances, the invited chef is unable to attend in person, and due to the proximity of the Event, substitution is not possible, the menu shall be prepared by the team of the invited chef, except in the case in which WCHT, at its discretion, decides to vary the date of the Monthly Event in order to make it possible with the chef.

A change in chef or his/her failure to attend a specific Monthly Event or the change in dates due to causes that are described in the previous paragraph, shall not result in User compensation, or the right to return or withdraw from the purchase of seats or tables.

3. Website access

Simple access to the Website is free of charge, except for the costs of the telecommunication network connection supplied by the User’s access provider, which shall be paid for by the User.

4. Code of Conduct

4.1. Usage rules

The User is obliged to use the Sales Channels and the services contracted through the same (including the Tours) in accordance with the law, morality, public order and these General Conditions, and not using them to engage in any illegal or criminal activities (for example, those that are against the law for the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism or rules on the corruption of public employees and other individuals), that go against third party rights and/or infringe upon any applicable legal regulations.

In addition, the User assumes the following obligations:
– The data introduced to buy an Event should be truthful and up to date..
– He/she will not disseminate, transmit or provide third parties with any type of information, element or content that may result in a violation of intellectual and industrial property rights, violation of patents, trademarks or copyrights corresponding to the WCHT owners or third parties.
– He/she will not disseminate, transmit or provide third parties with any type of information, element or content that may result in a breach of secrecy of communication and personal data protection legislation.
– He/she will omit the use of any technical or computerised tool that permits the automated or substantial extraction of data or content located or stored in or accessible via the website, as well as any technical or computerised means or instruments that may impede or hinder the normal functioning of the website or may damage the technical tools and devices integrated in the website or others that belong to WCHT or to the Users.

4.2. Code of conduct for the Events

The User agrees to access the Event in accordance with the distributed schedule and access regulations and to behave in accordance with the rules of decorum and etiquette, as demanded by this type of Event, always respecting the space, tranquillity and intimacy of the other attendees. Similarly, they agree to respect the code of conduct that has been established by WCHT or by the establishment where the Event is to be held. For clarification purposes, certain rules of etiquette may be established for the Events.

User access or attendance may be denied or revoked in the case in which said Users fail to respect the established rules. In the case of not establishing specific rules of behaviour for the Event, those that are normally established for the establishment where said Event is being held shall be considered applicable, with the User being responsible for informing him/herself as to said applicable rules, notwithstanding the availability of WCHT staff to resolve any doubts that the User may propose with regards to the same.

Similarly, given the nature of the Tours, the User should maintain the strictest of confidentiality with regards to the other Event attendees, just as these other guests should respect the confidentiality of the User. Therefore, taking photographs or engaging in audio or video filming of other diners is strictly prohibited, as well as their publication, dissemination or communication to third parties by any means. For this purpose, restrictions may be established in terms of access or use of mobile devices and any other devices that are capable of capturing images, sound or video.

The User is responsible for ensuring compliance by their guests with the behaviour regulations detailed in this section.

5. Sale of tables and seats

5.1. Prior request by the User

The User should make a request for a table or seat via the Sales Channels (“Request”). Specifically, WCHT offers the following Request options for the Tours and Events:
– Website (an on-line request services through the website www.worldchefstour.com, available 24 hours daily, every day of the year)
– An email address hello@wcht.es (available 24 hours daily, every day of the year, and with a response time that does not exceed 2 business days).
– Telephone (a telephone sales service via +34 911 090 615, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00; the cost of the call is equivalent to a local phone call and will be paid for by the User).

WCHT has a limited space availability for each Tour and each specific Event.

The Request does not imply a reservation or a confirmation of the purchase of the requested tables or seats.

Following the receipt of the request, WCHT shall provide the User with all of the information related to the requested service and the overall final price, including taxes, detailing, when necessary, the amount of applicable additions or deductions and additional expenses that may affect the User. The User shall be responsible for correctly providing their data, including their personal data and the bank data required by the system.

All claims regarding the purchase process, as well as regarding the completion, suspension, modification or annulling of the contracted Event should be directed to WCHT through their support channels, as indicated in the clause [8].

5.2. Request through the Website

5.2.1. User Identification

In order to make a request for a reservation, the User should identify him/herself with the following information:
– Valid email address
– First and last name
– Telephone
– Any other relevant personal information that may be provided

The personal data provided when completing the Request shall be treated by WCHT with the exclusive objective of managing the reservation and the subsequent Service execution. More information on the personal data treatment may be found in our Privacy Policy, available at (Privacy Policy).

5.2.2. Request Process

The procedure for making a Request via the Website shall be that described below:

1st.- The User should select the Tour or Event, completing the requested fields (for example, city, date and/or time) for which they wish to make a reservation of tables or seats. The user should select the number of seats that they wish to purchase and the date for his reservation. If that date would not be available, he can sign to the waiting list.

For seasonal tables for the complete tour, the User can indicate their preference of the date on which he want to enjoy each of the Events.
Once selecting this data, the User may continue with the Request.

For clarification purposes, the Request does not imply the reservation or the sale of the requested table or seats. Similarly, the User indication of their preferences for assignment during the Request process for seasonal tables, does not imply an obligation of WCHT to assign the User with the pre-selected date, with WCHT reserving the right to assign them another distinct date based upon availability or Event organisation needs, without this implying the User’s right to withdraw from the contract, once formalised or to request compensation or the refund of any paid quantity.

2nd. – Once WCHT has received the request, WCHT will inform the User about the price of his solicitude. At this point, the User may:
– Confirm the Request by paying over the different payment channels offered.
– Withdraw their Request of reservation.
If the User fails to actively inform WCHT of their decision, WCHT may contact them to clarify whether or not they wish to continue with the Request or not.

3rd.- Reservation will be confirmed once the payment is received. In the case of seasonal tables, given the limited space availability of each Tour, upon confirming the payment of the Request by the User, based on the number of Requests and the available seats, WCHT will assign the User the corresponding tables or seats for all the events conforming the Tour.

For certain Tours or Events, it is possible to make a pre-reservation for the seasonal tables, given the assurance of the existence of sufficient seats for a Request, based on the following conditions:
– The User should make a deposit in the WCHT bank account (ES98 0128 7701 4401 0000 6166) within the period communicated for this purpose, for an amount equalling 10% of the Tour price.
– This amount is considered to be a partial advance of the total price, such that the User is to pay the additional 90% within the ordinary payment period, upon confirmation of the Request, in accordance with section [5.3.] below.
– The amount of the pre-reservation is not refundable; therefore, the User cannot claim its refunding in the case in which he/she does not confirm or withdraws from the Request, according to section [5.3.] below.
– The pre-reservation is compatible with the right to admission, which WCHT reserves in all cases.
In the case in which the Request is accepted (or at the time of making the pre-reservation in cases in which this option is available), the User should confirm the data that are requested, as well as his/her acceptance of these General Conditions, the Personal Data Treatment Policy and consent to the use of cookies, as well as the specific conditions that are specifically determined for the requested Tour. The tables or seats that are initially assigned by WCHT may be modified by WCHT based on availability or in order to improve the Event’s organisation, with this not permitting the User to withdraw from the contract or to request compensation or the refunding of any quantity,

4th Finally, to formalise the purchase, it is necessary to confirm the Request through the telephone purchase service described in section [5.3.] below.

5.3. Telephone purchase process

During the process of table or seat purchase made using our telephone service, an agent will guide you through the entire purchase process. The mutatis mutandis rules detailed in section [5.2.] shall be applicable to the telephone purchase. To ensure the quality of the service, your call may be recorded. The call cost shall be similar to that of a regular national call.

The purchase shall be completed at the time of the telephone confirmation. After this time, the User may not withdraw from the Request.

The User should pay the purchase amount via bank transfer to the World Chefs Tour S.L. bank account as indicated in section [5.4.], within a period of 48 hours as of the telephone purchase confirmation. In the case in which the transfer is not made within the indicated period, WCHT may, at its discretion, (a) terminate the contract, annulling the Request, with the User not having any right to claiming compensation for this or (b) demand compliance via the full payment of the price.

5.4. Payment of the price and invoicing

5.4.1. Payment method

The purchase process shall be carried out by one of the following means of payment:
-The purchase process shall be made via bank transfer to the World Chefs Tour S.L. bank account, IBAN: ES98 0128 7701 44 0100006166. Any expenses resulting from the transfer shall correspond to the User. Quantities should be paid in full without any type of retentions. If the User has made any type of retention required by any legal obligations, the necessary increases should be applied so as to ensure that WCHT, after the making of said retentions, shall receive the quantity agreed upon in the price.
-Virtual POS, where a World Chefs Tour agent will guide you through the entire purchase process. The amounts must be fully paid, without any deductions. If the User is to exercise any form of retention arising from any legal obligations, he shall apply the necessary increase in order for WCHT, after the performance of any retentions, receive the full amount set as a price.
-Online payment via the payment gateway implemented on the www.worldchefstour.com website. If the User is to exercise any form of retention arising from any legal obligations, he shall apply the necessary increase in order for WCHT, after the performance of any retentions, receive the full amount fixed as a price.

Purchases may be subject to security verifications. The operation may be annulled by WCHT if the verification process is not successfully completed.

5.4.2 Price and additional expenses

The prices that are indicated during the purchase process include, unless expressly indicated, the Added Value Tax (VAT) and any other applicable taxes and shall be expressed in Euros (€).

These prices, unless expressly indicated to the contrary, shall not include shipping expenses, in the case of accreditations by messenger to the User, cancellation insurance, or any other additional services. These additional areas shall be expressly indicated to the User as an additional expense during the purchase process.

5.4.3. Invoice sending

The User is aware of and expressly agrees that WCHT shall only send invoices to the email that has been provided during the registration or purchase process. However, at any moment, the User may request that invoices be provided on paper, sending their request for the same to admin@wcht.es.

The User may request the invoices corresponding to the contracting of insurance as detailed in section [7].

5.5. Purchase confirmation and sending of accreditations

Once making the payment, an email shall be sent to the User with the purchase confirmation.
In addition, the User will receive, at the email address provided, an email for each of the Events with all of the information on the Event and the assigned tables and seats.

Unless indicated otherwise, generally speaking, the presentation of an invitation is not required at the Events, with the User’s identification (and that of his/her guests) being sufficient for access to the same. In any case, it is possible, when WCHT deems it opportune, to request the documentation accrediting the User’s identity or the presentation of accreditation sent by WCHT to the purchase confirmation email. WCHT reserves the right to prohibit access to those individuals who, being required to do so, fail to present documentation accrediting the identification of the User or purchaser.

In addition, the User may receive, via messenger and upon request, accreditation of the tables or seats acquired, at the mailing address provided, 15 days prior to each event. The User should make sure that he/she provides the correct mailing address and a contact telephone number or email address. Post office boxes shall not be considered valid shipping addresses for the sending of accreditations. Shipments shall only be made within Spanish territory.

WCHT shall not be held liable for any accreditation deliveries that do not arrive as a result of imprecise or incorrect data provided by the User for said purposes, or in the case in which the delivery may not be made due to the absence of the recipient.

In the case of absence at the shipping address provided by the User, the messenger service shall leave notice or shall attempt to make a new delivery for up to three (3) consecutive days at distinct times.

5.6. Other conditions applicable to the sale of tables and seats

The resale of tables or seats is expressly prohibited. In addition, the User may not give or receive any type of compensation for the tables or seats, except with the express authorisation of WCHT. In the case in which WCHT determines that the User has engaged in any of the previous behaviours, it reserves the right to cancel the tables or seats that were contracted with the User, with this party having no rights to any type of refund or compensation and notwithstanding any other relevant actions that may be taken in this regard.

In the case of the seasonal tables, WCHT shall assign the seats (seat and date) according to the seating available and shall inform the User in advance of the exact dates and times that have been assigned. The User may request a change of date at the email address hello@wcht.es or via telephone at +34 911 090 615, and WCHT agrees to attempt to meet their needs, although it is not obliged to modify the dates assigned to each User.

Similarly, WCHT reserves the right to modify the date with prior notice of a minimum of 7 calendar days, before the date of the event.

The minimum number of diners per table shall be four. Therefore, the purchase of less than four seats does not imply the assignment of an individual table, but rather, the assigned seats will be situated at a table that will be shared with other Users. The assigned seat is not renewable, exchangeable or refundable, without the express prior written authorisation of WCHT.

The User, as well as his/her guests, should be of legal age. Similarly, the User should communicate, in the period indicated for each Event and with a minimum advance notice of ten days before the date assigned to the User for their attendance at the Event, of any allergies, intolerances or food restrictions that the User and his/her guests may have.

6. Right of withdrawal

The User should assure, prior to the purchase, the precision and accuracy of the data introduced, since it is not possible to cancel the tables or seats once the purchase has been made.

It is only possible to annul the purchases that are made due to technical or operational incidents that are attributed to WCHT. The inability to attend an Event or the committing of an error during the purchase process shall not be cause for the termination or refunding of any quantities, notwithstanding the possibility that the User may contract cancellation insurance in accordance with clause [7].

So, for clarification purposes, Users are reminded that, in the case in which consumer and user law is applicable, they may not exercise the right to withdraw or resolve with respect to the Tours, given that these rights are excluded based on Article 103 of the repealed text of the General Law on the Protection of Consumers and Users, approved by Legislative Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, given that these services are related to leisure activities with a specific execution period.

7. Cancellation insurance

To book a table at WCHT it is necessary to buy a ticket; its price varies depending on the chef.

At WCHT there is no menu, there is only one tasting menu. Vegetarian or vegan menus are not available. If you have any intolerances, allergies or food restrictions, you should contact WCHT prior to the reservation to make sure you can enjoy the offered experiences.

Once the experience is credited there will be no further charges within the event for the offered services.

The duration of the experience is variable, but the estimated time is from 20:00 to 01:00am.

Once the payment is made through the web engine, transfer or telephone payment, the User will receive an email confirming the validity of the same with all the corresponding information.

These tickets are transferable to a third party if unable to attend, but no changes, refunds or cancellations will be accepted. Changes in the date of booking are not accepted.

By norm, no baby trolleys are accepted nor high chairs are offered. WCHT is not the best restaurant for children. For more information please contact hello@wcht.es

In the event of technical conditions which, outside WCHT, prevent the offer of the experience as planned, WCHT reserves the right to offer a change of chef of similar quality.

The suspension before the beginning of the experience will be the only admissible cause for the refund of the amount of the tickets, not being considered a substantial modification, in any case, a change of chef.

WCHT reserves the right to modify schedules, programs, chefs and experiences for technical, operational or force majeure reasons.

WCHT reserves the right to modify published prices.

WCHT does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets if they have not been purchased through official channels.

WCHT reserves the admission right

8. Complaints, complaints and requests for information

The User may address his complaints or requests for information to the WCHT Customer Service, using any of the following channels:
• In writing to WCHT Customer Service C/ Paseo de la Castellana 259 D, planta 43 Torre Espacio, 28046 Madrid.
• By email to admin@wcht.es email address.
• Via telephone number +34 911 090 615.

WCHT shall respond to the claims received in the shortest period of time possible, and in all cases, in a maximum period of one month as of the presentation of the claim.

9. Intellectual and industrial property

All intellectual and industrial property rights or those of any other kind that may exist with regards to the content of the Website or in general with the Tours and, for example, texts, photographs, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audio-visual or audio content, as well as their structure, ordering, configuration, graphic design and source code are property of WCHT.

Neither the use of the Website, the contracting of the Services (including the Tours) or the underwriting of the contractual conditions of the same imply a transfer or granting of a license or authorisation for the use of the rights described in the previous paragraph, except to the extent that is strictly necessary for the use of the Website, in accordance with these general Conditions. Any type of reproduction, public communication, distribution, establishment, modification or any other abusive act of the content, databases, software or similar of the Website, either in part or in full, is expressly prohibited, without the prior, express authorisation of WCHT.

Brands, commercial names and other distinctive marks published in the Website are the exclusive property of WCHT or other companies of its group (the “WCHT brands”). The User may not use the WCHT brands without the prior express authorisation of WCHT, regardless of whether or not they are registered in the User’s territory.

10. Personal data treatment

In order to offer the functionalities of the Website and the Sales Channels to the Users, including the purchase process for tables and seats and Service Provision, the personal data of the User and/or that of third parties should be provided. The User shall be responsible for obtaining the due authorisation from said third parties in order to communicate their personal data to WCHT, with WCHT not having any direct action with the third party. You may receive more information on the personal data treatment that WCHT carries out, in our Privacy and Cookies Policies, available at (Cookies Policy).

11. Exclusion of obligations and guarantees

WCHT does not have any contractual obligation with the Users, other than those derived from these General Conditions and declines all liability for the following (among other things):
– The proper, ongoing and uninterrupted functioning of the Website. The User claims to be aware of the fact that the Internet is subject to disruptions and interruptions in service.
– Compatibility of the Website with the User access devices, be they computers, mobile telephones or other types of devices;
– The suitability of the Website to the needs or expectations of the Users;
– The appropriate storage, holding and maintenance of the User’s content (such as comments, communications, etc.) located within the Website. Each User should take the opportune measures to properly maintain, store and keep the documentation.
– The content (comments, images, etc.) published in the Website or in other means by third parties that do not act under the control of WCHT.
– In the case of food poisoning, when this has not been communicated within a period of [ten days] as of User attendance to the event or when it has not been accredited by the opportune medical report. WCHT will not assume liability in any case for adverse reactions caused by intolerances or allergies that have not been appropriately communicated by the User in accordance with clause [5.6.] above.

12. Contract transfer

The User may not transfer the Contractual Relationship, in full or in part, and the rights or obligations derived from the same, without the express prior written authorisation of WCHT.

WCHT may transfer the Contractual Relationship, in full or in part, and any or all of the rights or obligations derived from the same, to any third party of its choice, without the prior authorisation of the User or without notification being made to the same, which may lead to the possibility of transferring personal data to this party for the exercising of these rights and compliance with Contractual Relations in which this third party shall be subrogated as a result of the transfer, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

13. Null and void clauses

If any clause included in these General Conditions is declared null and void, in full or in part, this nullity and invalidity shall only affect said provision or the part of the same that results null and void, with these General Conditions remaining in effect for all the rest, and only the part that is declared totally or partially null or invalid to be deemed not included and understanding the other provisions in the most lawful sense as derived from application of the null clause.

14. Modification of the General Conditions and other content

The General Conditions that are available to the User at the Website www.worldchefstour.com. WCHT may be modified at any time, notifying the Users via publication of the updated /modified General Conditions on the Website and sending an email to the User informing him/her of the modification. In the case of a substantial modification of a clause or one that may affect the balance of the contracted arrangements, WCHT shall offer the User a reasonable period of opposition, after which, the modification shall be considered accepted. In the case of User opposition to the contractual modification, he/he has the right to terminate the Contractual Relationship, with refunding of the proportional part of the price related to the Services pending use and without the right to any other compensation.

Similarly, WCHT reserves the right to modify the presentation, configuration and location of the Website at any time, as well as the content and conditions required for the use of the same.

15. Communications

All communication between the parties should be made in writing when contacting WCHT, either via mail, telefax or email, to the addresses indicated in clause 1. In the case of the User, communication may be made to the contact data that this party has facilitated. Communication made via regular mail with verification of receipt shall be considered to be duly delivered and received and those made by telegram, telefax or email shall be considered duly delivered when their receipt may be accredited. All communication sent to the electronic addresses provided by the Users shall be considered to have been correctly made on the day following their sending.

16. Prevalence of the Spanish language version

In the case of discrepancies between the versions of the General Conditions, Privacy and Cookies Policies and any other documentation in the distinct languages in which they have been provided, the Spanish version will prevail, assuming that this is legally possible.

17. Applicable law

These General Conditions and the Contractual Relationship shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with common Spanish law, excluding any regulations regarding conflict of laws.

18. Competent jurisdiction

Except in the case of mandatory provision that may not be repealed, the Users and WCHT, expressly renouncing any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, shall be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain) with regards to any dispute regarding the validity, efficacy, compliance, interpretation, execution or any other issue related to the Contractual Relationship.

Last update: October 4th, 2019