Dani García Restaurante
Marbella, Spain

· 3 Michelin Stars
· Prix Versailles Best restaurant in Europe 2017
· Chef L’Avenir awarded by the International
Academy of Gastronomy 2006


Dani García was born in 1975. He began his cuisine training at the Hospitality Management School in Malaga at the age of 18.

Thanks to the 3 years he spent as an apprentice in Martin Berasategui’s restaurant, his cuisine evolved to an avant-garde model.

After acquiring experience in several restaurants in the province of Malaga, Dani García decided in 1998 to open his first restaurant, El Tragabuches, which obtained in 2000 its first Michelin Star.

Along with Ferran Adrià, Dani García became one of the pioneers in the use of liquid nitrogen when cooking.

In 2005 he started a new project: the opening of the restaurant Calima in Marbella. He received the title of Chef l´Avenir that same year and then, 6 years later, he got the second Michelin Star for this restaurant.

In 2013, Calima closed and García moved to New York, where he got in touch with new ingredients and learns new cooking techniques. This year meant to him great personal and professional growth, making him the multicultural chef he is today.

Dani Garcia came back to Spain in 2014 and opened the restaurants BiBo, an informal bistro, and Dani Garcia Restaurant, a high-quality establishment with which would get in 2018 three Michelin Stars.

Although, just 22 days after winning these three Michelin Stars, Dani Garcia surprises the gastronomic panorama by giving them up and closing the Dani Garcia restaurant. The reason why he took this decision was the desire of bringing its cuisine to the general public, which focuses on opening a series of new restaurants both in Spain and internationally where prices are affordable for all pockets.

Dani García’s cuisine stands out for its contrast, playing with textures and hot/cold oppositions, resulting a cuisine style that Dani García calls “cocinacontradición” (“contradiction-cuisine”).

Hotel Puente Romano, Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella, Málaga
952 76 42 52
Michelin Stars