Cadiz, Spain

· Grand Prix L´Art de la Cuisine
· The New York Times 10 best restaurants in the world
· 3 Michelin Stars


Ángel León was born in Seville, which is where he first came into contact with cooking. He spent four years in France, at restaurants such as Le Chapon Fin and Arcachon, where he gradually acquired training in his craft. On his return to Spain he started to work at El Faro, where he began to explore how the harvests of the seas could be used.

In 2007, Ángel León opened his Aponiente restaurant; this rapidly made a name for itself in gastronomic circles thanks to a style focused on seafood that has led him to be dubbed “The Chef of the Sea”.

All his passion dates back to childhood, and his love of the sea was inherited from his father. It becomes evident from listening to him that his mission was “to give a name to the unnameable”.

An innovative chef par excellence, Ángel León started to find a use for the discarded portion of the catch, created seafood sausages and even used plankton in his dishes.

In 2014, Ángel León revealed to the world at Madrid Fusión that marine luminescence could be used in cooking, leading to the greatest ovation ever seen at this gastronomic congress. Later, demonstrating the same phenomenon using a marine powder, the University of Harvard was similarly impressed.

A striking feature of Aponiente is its chef’s constant search for culinary innovation and his commitment to offering the palate the pleasure of enjoying unique sensations, never before explored.

Calle Francisco Cossi Ochoa, s/n, 11500 El Puerto de Sta María, Cádiz
956 85 18 70
Michelin Stars