Paris, France

· Chef’s Choice Award 2019
· No. 8 World’s Best Restaurant


French chef Alain Passard began his culinary career at the age of 15. Coming from a family of musicians and a mother dedicated to fashion, Passard has cultivated his passion for art since he was a child. He plays the saxophone and he is a sculptor of bronze figures that displays in his restaurant. He was strongly attracted to the culinary arts, something he inherited from his grandmother, who encouraged him to devote himself to gastronomy.

Alain Passard learnt from Breton Michel Kéréver and the three Michelin star Gaston Boyer. At the age of 26 he achieved something unprecedented: to be the youngest chef to achieve two Michelin stars. He won them at Le Duc d’Enghien, and four years later he re-validated them at the Carlton in Brussels.

In 2001, Passard decided to stop cooking meat in his kitchen and began to explore the “vegetables world”. He thus removed twelve signature dishes from the house and restated L’Arpège’s menu. The following year, he opened Passard Kitchen Garden, a two-hectare plot of land where gardeners, organically and manually, grow the vegetables that will become part of the restaurant’s dishes. L´Arpège thus became the reference of vegetarian cuisine, where freshness and innovation are its main features.

Alain Passard left his mark on dozens of chefs who have made a name for themselves in the world of haute cuisine thanks to the experience they earned while working with Passard. Some examples are the Swede Magnus Nilsson, the Australian Marcos Mejor or the Argentinean Mauro Colagreco, based in France.

84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, Francia.
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