Would you like to eat in the World’s Best Restaurants
without long waiting lists and without
having to travel thousands of miles?

Would you like to be the first to try the latest creations
of the Best Chefs in the World?

Would you like to try the
Best Wines, Champagnes and Spirits in the World,
even before they are launched onto the market?

If you are a lover of unique experiences, if you love to be the first to discover new things, this is for you: Welcome to the World Chefs Tour, the Club for the most Exclusive Gastronomic Experiences in the World.

World Chefs Tour is a Spanish company with private capital incorporated in 2019 which organises luxury gastronomic tours in the leading cities of the world.

We have a triple objective:

1. To support and spread Culture through gastronomic exchanges with a high social and media impact. We want to bring international gastronomy to a local public. To make the impossible, possible. To bring the best restaurants in the world to your city and to take you to far-off places through unique experiences. We do not see ourselves as ambassadors just for Spanish chefs and Spanish products, but for all of the world’s gastronomy that deserves to be taken and divulged as part of the culture of each country. This is why we are working with the best chefs from countries all over the world.

WCHT is based on several prestigious rankings, such as: La Listé, the Michelin Guide, etc, but the distinctions are those appearing in the classification of the “50 Best Restaurants Awards”. Chefs are chosen for their achievements and their track record, their accessibility and their cachet. + info

2. To promote international trade relationships, by putting in contact the business community and top managers of different countries in a relaxed and informal atmosphere where they can debate, negotiate and close deals. We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and an intercultural exchange. Our club is created for a limited number of 500 people from the business world in each of the sites, all of them gastronomy lovers that want to increase their networks of high-level international contacts. The main mission of the club is to create the most amazing and incredible unique experiences in the world. Therefore, we offer unique experiences beyond our tours, like gastronomic trips with our chefs and sommeliers and access to gourmet products, among others.

We are not a political movement. We don’t have any associated brands behind us and our objective is merely economic and social.

3. To foster and promote solidarity by helping those in need by donating 10% of our net profits to different humanitarian causes, especially those that dedicate their efforts to combating hunger and malnutrition around the world.

WCHT is a social enterprise that donates 10% of its profits to social causes, either chosen by our chefs or selected from projects, foundations and NGOs whose main objective is to fight hunger in the world. + info